Fall laminitis again for Sadie


Still waiting for the blood tests for the ACTH, etc. from Cornell.  Also had testing done for iron overload at KSU again. 

This post is part of my previous post with everything happening to Sadie again.  She has been doing so well with no lameness issues at all since that abscess was discovered underneath her frog in the RF foot in May.  When she started to go tender again early Oct., we thought it was due to the start of the rains and she was sloughing off false sole.  However, it gradually worsened but was hard to really tell because she also seemed depressed, which we thought was due to weaning her off the Thyro-L.  She was at the 1/4 tsp mark when I started noticing her footiness.

Vet put her on Equioxx since it had helped before.  I have had her on it for about a week but would like to use something else, particularly with her high GGT values.

I have yet to get the blood tests back from Cornell for ACTH testing.

Previous trials with jiaogulan and Move-ease did not seem to help her at all.  However, I am giving it another go but need to have these questions answered.

1.  I need to give the Jiaogulan with the APF because she is very reactive to Prascend without it and I am just going ahead and increasing her Prascend by just a little bit until I get the blood test results back.  She gets fed 4 times a day.  Can I give the Jiaogulan on the meals when she doesn't get the APF and be okay?  Previously even giving 1 tsp twice daily did not seem to make a change in gum color.  Is it okay to give her 2 tsp twice daily or even more, as I really need this to kick in if I am going to taper her off the Equioxx.  How fast can I make these increases?

2.  Also, can I give the Move-ease at the same time I give the Jiaogulan and can I mix it together if needed? 

3.  I was giving the loading dose of Move-ease...3 tsp/day.  I am giving 1.5 tsp twice daily.  Is it more effective to spread it out and can I also increase this amount to jump start it's effectiveness since previously I saw no change.

I am fairly desperate to help Sadie be comfortable while dealing with her laminitis episode without having to keep her on the Equioxx.  I think I read that Jiaogulan also may help the liver?

I don't know what else I can do for her.

She seems to be getting better each day but I do keep her in boots all day and only take them off when she is stalled for the night.

She has so many things going on that it is really difficult to figure out what things I can give her safely.

I will post the test results when I get them and also update her CH.  I know you are all very very busy and it doesn't help to not have the CH updated but I have been getting only a few hours sleep per night and I am ready to drop by 2 a.m. and getting back up by 7 a.m.

I also have not eliminated the possibility that she could have another abscess brewing again in that right front where she had the abscess before so I am doing epsom salt soaks, which she seems to enjoy. 
Oregon, USA
Oct 2012
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