Ongoing laminitis/founder pain

Cheryl Oickle

i am desperately trying to down load my information and profile but struggle with technology.  In the interim my mare suffered a laminitis episode inJune recovered somewhat for a couple months. For the whole month of October we have been battling pain in her feet and it goes from left to right right to left to both.  She is on low sugar tested hay minerals and vitamins, no pasture and recently suspected is cushings....her mom and sister have it but are managed well.  Analgesic make little difference, soft bedding and rest minimally as well.  Her fasting Insulin glides levels were “compensated” for IR  and acth was 3 points over normal but specimen was thawed on arrival to lab.  She has recently started on pergolide and at 1 mg became very aggressive and miserable, dose decreased to 1/2 mg with good effect to mood.  Trims are therapeutic for laminitis  and I have a very experienced farrier. I seem to be hitting a brick wall, she is reluctant to move and very lame.  This is 27 days now and I’m asking for a 2nd opinion before I make the call to have her put down.  I am feeling so helpless and need some help support direction.  I apologize for the vague information but this is all I have to go on.  She’s 17. Lippitt morgan and 793 lb.  fit fit and was riding a 100 miles a month till June of this year. My heart is aching.   

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