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Hi, Cheryl - you must be tearing your hair out!  Could you just clarify for us:  how was her foot pain after 6 days of 0.5 mg pergolide?  And how was her foot pain after increasing to 1 mg pergolide?  And, to be clear, did her foot pain increase 2 1/2 days after going back to 0.5 mg pergolide, or do you mean she was just as foot-sore as ever, but her mood improved?

  Pergolide is dosed to effect, not by body weight. Its task is to replace the dopamine that would normally be produced by dopamine-producing nerve cells in the hypothalamus, so how much pergolide is needed depends on how many of those nerve cells have been lost. However, like any drug that affects neurotransmitters, there can be mood changes.  Mood changes can also be caused by pain, either constant, increasing, or decreasing.  The satisfactory dose is the one that controls the ACTH (which should be in the low to mid-normal range, ie about 20 pg/mL or less). 
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