Lavinia, Could you review my new Xrays and Pictures we took yesterday 11/2/18 ?

Heidi Wright

Hi Lavinia,

Here are the updated xrays and pics from yesterday.  Could you take a look and let me know your thoughts?  I am happy that it looks like more sole is growing.  I know toes need to come back further but I had been concerned about doing that because I thought the tip of the coffin bone was so close to protruding on the LF, but I think it's possible that more sole has grown, which is great.

What is the best way to bring the toes back?  Rasp from underneath or above?
Have we corrected the bony column rotation? 
Should I bring the heels down more on the LF?    
How do I measure the palmar angle of the coffin bones?  Are we striving for 5%?

I might be wrong, but somehow I am feeling a little optimistic that we are moving in the right direction!

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