Re: Sadie's trim...Jaini, Dr. Kellon, Others please comment on this if you can. This is where the disagreement is.


While I am certainly no expert on hoof trims, it appears that your horse has contracted heels and heels that are too long. From the coronet to the ground, the toe angle is too far forward.

May I suggest you buy/rent Pete Ramey's DVD series called "Under the hoof." It is excellent, His teaching is clear and the work he is doing is filmed so that we can see what he is doing. There are horses with this very problem that he treats. Once you see it, it's easy to spot these situations. There is a site that rents horse DVD's. The set to buy is a bit pricey, but well worth it if you can swing the investment.

Again, this is just my 2 cents' worth. Look into it and see what you think. In fact, google Pete Ramey. He has a site with lots of info.


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