Re: Need help assessing progress, please advise. Lavinia may I please have mark-ups by Tuesday 11-06?

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Patty,

Yes, her toes are still too long. Her heels are underrun as well. Setting the breakover in the correct location needs to be done asap - the longer you wait, the longer the horse deals with ongoing damage that the lever forces from the too-long-toes create. Gradual removal of laminar wedge generally translates into "never happens" because the wedge just keeps growing, outpacing the conservative efforts to control it.

Extending the trim interval to 5 weeks at this time is a mistake IMO because the trim isn't anywhere near where it should be to put the horse on a maintenance trim interval.

I can get you mark-ups in time for Tues if you will get a few retakes of some needed shots and add the missing ones: need sole planes of both hinds, all laterals need to be true laterals - they are currently obliques, meaning the lens is aimed at an angle that is more forward of the side. Also, if you move a bit further away so that the shot is clear and includes the lower cannon bone and pastern that would be really helpful. Having her standing square is also needed otherwise the leg and pastern angles get distorted.

Check out this link for the specifics:

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