Re: Lavinia, Could you review my new Xrays and Pictures we took yesterday 11/2/18 ?

Lavinia Fiscaletti

I see the latest rads but no hoof pix.

Definitely some increase in the LF sole depth - good.

Looks like the the dorsal wall on both has been thinned so the thickness of the laminar wedge has been reduced but no real change in the toe length at ground level. Need to actually shorten the horizontal length of the foot at ground level so that the breakover moves back.

The LF still has the same amount of slight bony column rotation - no change there - so yes, the heels need to be lowered slightly. But only the heels, leave the rest of the bottom of tat foot alone. Bringing the toe back correctly never makes the sole thinner - it will only help increase the sole depth.

There are two dark lines on the RF  - one in the dorsal wall, the second in the sole, running horizontally just below and ahead of the tip of the coffin bone. These may be air pockets or possible abscess tracks. The sole one has increased in size from what was present on the 10-2018 rads.

Never mind about what the measurement of the palmer angle is - the correct angle is whatever it takes for the bony column to be correctly aligned in that particular horse's case. In general, that ballpark number is 3-5 degrees.

You should definitely be optimistic :)

I can get you some mark-ups if you please post a full set of hoof pix for all four feet. Check here for what's needed:

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