Hello. I am trying to learn how to use this website with limited time to research and comprehend how all of this works. I believe I successfully completed the CH and downloaded it on Oct. 19th. , but not sure how to get any personalized feedback with respect to caring for my mare, "Sunday", who went into severe, acute laminitis Sept., 15th. I am trying to follow through and incorporate the info I have found on this website
with respect to emergency diet additions and removals. Sunday has improved over the initial onset of the laminitis but it's been approx.  6 plus weeks now and she is still sore and slow moving. I am giving her
1 mg per day of Prascend (split into a.m./p.m.dose) and she seems depressed but eating. Every time I try to increase the dose by 1/8 mg, she quits eating the small amount of hay cubes and soaked,rinsed beet
pulp I am giving her in order to get meds/supplements down. I would so appreciate feedback, and advice, if possible. I have taken some pictures of her and a couple short videos of her moving (with my iphone)
and wonder if it's possible to download these to your site?

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