Re: Lavinia, Could you review my new Xrays and Pictures we took yesterday 11/2/18 ?

Heidi Wright

Thank you for that feedback Lavinia.  My hoof pic upload must have failed, so am uploading dorsal and lateral views right now.   I didn't get sole plane but will get those tomorrow.  

Yes, the first farrier that worked on him thought "bevel" meant thin dorsal wall.  I started bringing the toe back this morning and noticed the wedge material is pinkish/reddish, like stained with blood.  Is that normal?  And do I need to do just a little at a time on the toe or can I go for it in one session?

My plan was to take a little off the LF heel every few days.  At what point should I get a fresh set of xrays?

Thanks much.


He is moving well now but I can tell he is still sore as he gets uncomfortable when I trim him and he has to weight one front leg.  I would be interested in the team's thoughts on when it would be useful to hand walk him,  Given he has obvious gaps in his hoof wall and possible abscess spots, should I wait till that part of the hoof has grown out before walking even though he is walking sound?

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