Re: Need help assessing progress, please advise. Lavinia may I please have mark-ups by Tuesday 11-06?


Hi, Patty - Penny certainly is lovely!  I am just adding my complete agreement with Lavinia. Not only are the toes still too long, they are much, much too long. X-rays on the next visits are strongly recommended, so that your trimmer can see that a ton of toe has to come off. 

I hate to say it, but  the trim "progress" since March (a full 7 months, which should be half a growth cycle) is not progressing, but seems even to be moving backward a bit. After 7 months, assuming all the triggers for the laminitis were removed, it should look like half of a normal hoof sitting inside the growing-out damaged area, kind of like a person wearing galoshes.  With the long toes and high heels, the new foot doesn't get to grow down very far before it is distorted by the mechanics of the trim, so, as Lavinia says, the problem is just perpetuating itself.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Might be time to find a new trimmer.
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