Re: Sadie's trim...Jaini, Dr. Kellon, Others please comment on this if you can. This is where the disagreement is.


Thanks Gail.  I live in Leaburg, OR, which is about 1/2 hour east of Springfield, OR, up the McKenzie Valley.  I now have a possible trimmer or two north of me in the Portland area that I am investigating right now.  As soon as the xrays are done on Monday, I want to proceed with markups...I hope the Nov 1st pics will that I can either attempt to do it myself...or at least partially....until a new trimmer can come.  I talked with this one trimmer who can come next Friday on her day off.  I have sent her the Nov pics and am planning on sending her xrays.  Thank you everyone for helping me out here with suggestions and real possibilities.  It gives me more hope to hang in there.
Oregon, USA
Oct 2012
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