Re: Extreme flank sensitivity and tenderness in IR horse during cycle


Hello Dr. Kellon,

She isn't bothered when I groom her as I can touch her anywhere with no issues.  Blanketing bothers her as well.  She doesn't appear sensitive when approaching from behind without a blanket or saddle pad.  

As for the spookiness it happens anytime.  She can be standing quietly and spook at anything.  A crow flying over, a tree snapping, a squirrel, the wind blowing anything... which is so not her as she previously was a mare that was not afraid of anything.  

Originally her flank sensitivity was on the right side and when my vet examined her and manipulated the ovary back into its normal position her sensitivity on that side stopped. But not it is on the other side.  I have her rechecked and the ovary seemed ok position wise.  So not sure.  My next step was the hormone testing.  I am perplexed.  I guess if I did the testing it would rule that out.  

I did have her on chastetree berry but her spookiness almost seemed to increase while on this so I stopped.    No idea what is going on. Just thought maybe someone had some ideas.  Thanks for all the help!!!
August 5, 2017, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada


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