Re: Desi day x-rays uploaded

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Bobbie,

Here's the link to the Photo album for Desi:

I've created a partial signature for you which includes this link so that whenever you post from now on it will automatically attach to your posts. If you would please add your general location to it, that would be very helpful.

Thanks for creating an album. From the radiographs in the album (thanks for adding those), the trim needs a lot of changes to become optimal. It is definitely a huge source of problems for her. All of Desi's toes are way too long and the heels are underrun, along with there being too much overall foot. Three of her coffin bones are sitting ground parallel, with a considerable amount of ringbone present on the LF, all the HPAs are severely broken back. The RF has a fairly good bony column alignment. In order to be able to provide some specific trim guidance, I'll need you to provide a full set of hoof photos:

Please take a look at that link as it gives you all the needed views and angles. As a heads-up, keeping the camera literally at ground level for dorsal and lateral shots, and having clean feet are the two biggest areas that people seem to have the greatest trouble with.

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