Re: Lily supplements


Hi, Kati - Great work so far with what you have been doing with Lily! That was a really severe founder, and she has a way to go, and a lot of hoof growth, before things are more normal. She will likely be blowing abscesses for a while, as well (just what you wanted to hear!)

I would keep her on the two full scoops of Laminox. Once you get ready to re-order, you can consider switching to jiaogulan powder from My Best Horse:  That will help a little bit with your post-blood work depleted bank balance.  

She is still in the very early stages of recovery, so I certainly wouldn't be thinking about building up muscle at this point. Also, since she seems to be feeling better, I wouldn't make any major changes to the feed. The Uckele Senior looks like a very good ration balancer, but I don't know what the ESC and starch values would be, so for now, I wouldn't chance it.  

Is there any chance that you can get your hay tested? That would allow for the very best supplementation, as you can optimize the supplements to the hay.

Let us know when you get the blood results, and keep up the good work!
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