Re: Diabetic horse? Confused by lab work


-- The balancer is called LifeLine MD Balancer and to that I add 1/4 tsp biotin, 2tsp methionine 1 1/2 tblsp lysine and 1/2 tsp copper. 2tblsp salt, 1 cup ground flax 1/2 tsp biochrome. This is mixed into 1 cup soy and 2 cup beet pulp (rinsed for the IR and PPID horses) Target and Libby also get 2 tsp cinnamon and 2 tsp bovine colostrum. Target and Libby also get 12 lbs grass and teff hay in slow feed nets, and at the last feed of the night they get a mush of 2 lbs alfalfa timothy cubes and 1 lb of soy pellets.This is the only soy these two get. I am having the trimmer out on Fri and would like to make sure he is on the right track for Target's feet. The others are all ok right now, have had no issues with them except Libby in 2016 when she had laminitis very bad and it was suggested that I put her down. She has been good since then and I am riding her 6 days a week. I am just concerned about the high blood levels in all their tests. I have ordered the metformin but it is not here yet, maybe Mondy or Tues this week.
Kathie with Libby and Sweet P
Cobble Hill, BC, Canada
Aug 2018
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