Re: 2nd Try: Request for Mark-ups from Lavinia before Snicker's Trim Appt on the 18th/ Bloodwork uploaded/ Hay Sourcing Questions


Hi Lavinia and thank you for the excellent summary and trimming advice! I am the new trimmer (Jessie Brody) and I've trimmed Snickers twice now.

I have looked at the marked-up photos. My only concern (you can see what I'm looking at on the laterals) is that removing all the wedge and wall to the blue line, will also drop the sole closer to the ground (reducing concavity). This can be a real problem with thin-soled horses, as this one obviously is. I usually do a strong bevel to keep the outer wall from continuing to flare out with ground pressure, but while leaving some lamellar wedge for support and to retain that concavity and height off the ground. Can you please address my concerns? In other situations where that much wall is gone and the horse is left walking on his soles, I would require the owner to allow me to cast the hoof (probably wouldn't last long on the abrasive sand though) or boot for 23/7. 

Also, Snickers has quite angular, almost dropped pasterns behind. I don't think these photos show this, but that is why his hind foot has crushed heels and a crushed frog and heel bulbs, in my opinion. I can do my best to keep the toes back, but in this type of situation, the hooves will end up looking more like DSLD feet, despite any sort of trimming.

The next trim will be the Friday after Thanksgiving (we re-scheduled). Thank you and I look forward to your reply!

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