Increase pergolide??

Ann Conn

Seeking advice for Azeem, Arabian gelding will be 18 in march 2019. Listing results of the bloodwork he's had done, all sent to Cornell.
7-13-16. ACTH. 34.8
Insulin. 35.97
9-18-17. Glucose. 105
ACTH. 78.4
Insulin. 81.51
8-14-18. Glucose. 99
ACTH. 51
Insulin. 76.8
Leptin. 12.01
He was on 1 prascend for a year, increased to 2mg in sept. 18. He's taking balance cubes for eating his pill and supplements. Most of his diet is giant Bermuda hay from CA, which I'm having retested next week--concerned about nitrates. Hooves are good except for how wet it's been here. Trimmer is excellent. She attended last October conference.
But he isn't bright.
Vet doesn't want to test until March and refused to give more than 2mg even though I'd asked for 3mg.
So, I have some prascend left over and wondering if I could add half a prascend to his 2mg compounded pergolide? Is there some reason not to? I'm just afraid the .7 increase wasn't enough after a whole year on one prascend had done little difference.
Wouldn't even have him without this group...probably.
Ann & Azeem
Oct. 2017
Central Texas

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