Re: Increase pergolide??


Hi, Ann- group members have found that PPID horses do best when the ACTH is in the low to mid-normal range, so 22 or below; and some members find their horses need to have the ACTH in the 18 range. So, it looks like Azeem definitely needs an increase in pergolide. 

Adding the Prascend to his compounded pergolide is what I would do right now; however, you are somehow going to have to convince your vet that the correct dose of pergolide is the one that controls the ACTH (I quote Dr. Kellon).  

Merlin (who I euthed at age 35 due to renal failure) was on 24 mg pergolide, and full of beans, sound and happy. Maggie is on 14 mg,and Gypsy is on 7 mg. In the Pergolide Stats file, you will see that 58% of equines are on more than 4 mg of pergolide:   (you can find this on the Wiki page in the database section).  

If you go here  and scroll down to the third file, there is good information about convincing your vet to increase the dose.   If you go here:  and scroll down to the 11th file, there is good information on getting your vet on board.

It's a dance, and a balancing act. The only reason I haven't had to change vets for my horses is because I have the information from this group, and I am already a vet!
Jaini Clougher (BSc, BVSc)
Merlin (over the bridge), Maggie, Gypsy, Ranger
ECIR mod/support, BC 09
DDT+E = effective treatment for PPID and EMS/IR equines: .

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