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Jonni Jump

Okay until i can get on my computer here the list of her diet.

After she foaled she lost alot of weight got wavy hair on flanks. I did make the mistake of putting her on half a pound of nutrena special care just one bag. 2 months after foaled(august) I dewormed with safeguard she got a little more than her dose the dial stuck.
I just dewormed her again (Dec) with generic ivermectin.
She never got any worse hair wise nor got better. She's gained her weight back now.
I have her on dumor timothy/alfalfa pellets instead. Her colt eats out of her dish. She gets 1 pound in the morning 2 pounds in the eve. 
1oz of flax 
Half of 1/4 tsp of poly zinc
Half of 1/4tsp of poly Copper
2nd cutting hay 24/7 in extreme slow feed nets. I will test it when I have time. It's already tested but was tested for lactating cows so no mineral or vitamin or nsc content on report.
Dry lot I move the hay nets twice a day. 
Jonni Jump 
Augusta Ga.
Mirage i.r. friesian/ssh mare 

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