Was: Re: Slight loss of topline Now: Test Results In

Tina Hughes

Ok, I was able to get a little condition back but not much---kinda yoyo'ing.  Teeth were fine, added a little alfalfa, tri-amino and upped her Orchard grass. 

TRH Stim (vet's choice)  Pre: 20.8 pg/mL  and Post: 107 pg/mL.  Vet says stay at 1 mg pergolide (Prascend).  Was actually almost hoping it'd be high and my mystery would be solved.

My question is...with those results, would you try bumping the pergolide up to see if helps her regain some condition?  Eyes are a little goopy too (lots of air quality issues lately--forest fires).

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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