Further ACTH assessment opinion please

Cheryl Oickle

Good morning: As per Jewels history, her initial ACTH arrived thawed at the lab and her numbers were "just a bit above normal" at that time (Sept 2018)  As she had another onset of laminitis in October completely unexplained, we chose to put her on 1 mg prascend.  Her older sister and mother both have Cushings.  She has done very well on the 1 mg thus far, although her transition to low sugar hay and 2nd bout of laminitis required an increase in feed after she lost weight. She has since stabilized.
My vet is due out the latter part of March to re x-ray her front feet prior to commencing more rigorous actvitiy(she is being walked three times a week for half hr now)  I am wondering if it would be prudent to re draw her ACTH at that time after taking her off meds for two weeks, draw the ACTH with her on the prascend, or maintain a status quo until August? September and have it drawn prior to a seasonal rise?
Your website and resources are excellent! Thank you

Cheryl and Jewel
Oct 2018


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