Soft Ride boots for Sadie- Lavinia how to adjust for her


Lavinia, I am trying soft ride boots for Sadie to see if she will feel more comfortable in these and not get heel rubs.  I got a pair but need to return it because it is too big for her.  I noticed that the gel pad looks like there is a wedge to it and I called and talked to the rep who did indicate that it does have a slight wedge (the purple one) but she thought this would be best suited for founder.  There is also that gel area for the frog but she says some people take that out.

One of Sadie's big issues is too high heels and we are trying to address that so the last thing i need is to have her in a wedge pad, although the rep seemed to indicate that she will flatten it out when she walks.  But I am not comfortable with this unless you think it is okay.  Otherwise, how can I shave the wedge off and/or the frog area.

Oregon, USA
Oct 2012
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