Re: Soft Ride boots for Sadie- Lavinia how to adjust for her


The Soft Ride YELLOW-ORANGE Orthotics (pads) are softer material in the back than in the front.  This allows for the heel do sink down lower thus voiding the wedge that the Soft Ride Boots have.  I use them with a lot of my clients that have a higher palmer angle or club feet.  The beauty of Soft Rides is they have the toe number which is awesome with horses that are already getting too much mechanical force on the toe from the elevated palmer angle.  Use Nippers to cut off the frog part.

The EasyCare Cloud pads also have a wedge in them.  Not a fan of them for most horses.

Jeannean, Cricket & Prince Willy Mercuri ~ PHCP/AHA Barefoot Trimmer
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