Re: Soft Ride boots for Sadie- Lavinia how to adjust for her


Sorry June, that should have said Toe Bumper!  The front of the pad has a padded lip/edge/rim.  I feel that helps the dorsal hoof wall when they move.  The Yellow/Orange pad is softer in the heel and firmer at the toe.  The heel sinks into the softer gel.  I have had my pony x-rayed in them and that pad negated the wedge on him. He foundered on all four 6 years ago has some bone loss in P3 and thin soles.  But his hinds have the standard gel.  He gets sensitive on frozen ground and down hill.  I have not had the opportunity to play with another horse getting rads.  The purple is the softest and it comes standard on the smaller sizes. Turquoise is standard on the horse sizes.  I have never used the yellow/orange orthotic on a mini.  My pony is about 800# and then I have used it on normal size horses.  His new Soft Rides will be here tomorrow, I did not get the yellow/orange this time.

I wish you could send the boots back to them to get new cordura and velcro instead of having to buy new boots.  I have already taken them to the local cobbler who attached deer skin to them to fix the tears.  I don't think they can get fixed up again.

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