Can I just stop pergolide?

Samantha Hammer

Hi there,

I really appreciate all the help I got this fall with my horse! I have another question for you all.

I did my best to follow the search guidelines here (, using the + sign or " ", but they didn't seem to be working as intended, so I had trouble finding the answer on my own.

If my horse is just on 1mg of pergolide, is it fine to just stop it, or do I truly need to wean him off?

He was borderline in August, but having some foot tenderness and his topline is not so good, so at the vet's advice I put him on pergolide. However, he isn't eating all that well lately and the seasonal rise should be over, so I'd like to take him off and do a better baseline ACTH test in March or so.

Sami Hammer
September 2018
Catalina, AZ
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