Re: Soft Ride boots for Sadie- Lavinia how to adjust for her


I called Soft Rides and they said the yellow/orange gel pad would not work as intended on a mini because the gel is harder than the purple one that comes with the mini size boots and they just don't have enough weight to work on anything other than the softest purple gel pad.

Also, they are no longer able to do custom flat gel pads.

I am actually trying to have Sadie go bootless outside even though I know booting is recommended for founder recovery but her soles have been just so darn hard and unyielding no matter what soaking I do that it is almost impossible for anybody (vet, trimmer) to make any headway.  Being out there in the rain and mud bootless  is the only thing that seems to make a dent in her hard soles.  She has been comfortable enough to do that since the last trim, but I do want boots on hand for when she is too uncomfortable without boots, and the Soft Rides is my last option.  Unfortunately, there are not many options for boots for minis.  I have already tried the Easy Care boots and Cavellos for minis and they both end up creating heel rubs.

thank you all for the suggestions.
Oregon, USA
Oct 2012
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