Re: Would like to try Phytoquench plus microlactin - need dosage for mini using 250 lb avg


Dr. Kellon, I received the PhytoQuench today and she got her first dose this morning in lieu of the Banamine.

Question though: Do I need to give the 1/3 scoop (about 5 tsp) all at once or can I split the total daily dose of 2/3 scoop (10 teaspoons) over 4 feedings?  I normally split the supplements I need to give over 4 feedings because otherwise it is just a lot of stuff to have to mix into her soaked pellets, and many times she won't eat it.  Then I have to add even more soaked pellets and it just ends up to be so much that I have to give (and even then she may not finish it) and then she won't finish her hay because she's had so much soaked pellets already.   She is pretty picky about eating her supplements but if I split everything up, she does well.

However, in the case of PhytoQuench and even perhaps the LaminOx, does it lose effectiveness by me splitting up the dosage?  Do you suppose that is why the LaminOx has not been working for her?  Instead of 5 tsp of LaminOx b.i.d., I have been splitting the daily dose of 10 tsp into 4 servings.

Please let me know if I have been dosing incorrectly by splitting everything up because I will then need to fix this. Thanks

Oregon, USA
Oct 2012
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