Re: Would like to try Phytoquench plus microlactin - need dosage for mini using 250 lb avg


Dr. Kellon, so it sounds like twice a day feeding is better than it spread over 4 meals correct?  I was surprised that she ate the PhytoQuench this morning in her soaked pellets but I will wait until she does this several times before calling it a success.  Syringing in powder is not that easy, especially 5 tsps as it tends to not dissolve enough unless I syringe in a lot of water with it.  I have only had partial success with that amount of syringing.

Did I get the wrong item?  The LaminOx that I had been giving is in a powder form and although it smells really good, she does not seem to like the taste of it as she will leave the soaked pellets if I put it in.  If it comes in pellet form, that may be better for her.

Can I use the LaminOx and the PhytoQuench at the same time?  I know the PhytoQuench is not to be given long term but it is better than giving Banamine if this will work for her.  If it works, how long can I give it before I need to get her off of it.  I am getting ahead of the game here as I have only given her one dose so far but I am pleased that she readily ate it.
Oregon, USA
Oct 2012
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