Resuming exercise

Cheryl Oickle

Jewel has been recovering very well since her lamanitic episodes in June then again in October.   Her hoof capsules have grown out approximately 75 percent and most of her laminar wedge is gone. 
 She is moving at liberty in her pen and being walked up to fourty minutes at a time with no residual issue. No pulses palpable and no lameness. She’s turning well in the barn when I need her to.She will be rexrayed in late March. When is a reasonable time to up her exercise to longing to a trot/ canter in a round pen....increasing to ponying on a flat surface ...with boots on of course.
My goal is to ride her by mid April if nothing unforeseen and she tolerated my plans as above.

Cheryl and Jewel
Oct 2018

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