Racham mental and physical state

Bonnie Eddy

Racham has been having a hard time these past few months. She really had a difficult time with trying the Cabergoline Sept/Oct. It was a roller coaster and she never leveled out.
She has become distant, her cognitive abilities seem diminished, is more primal, basic instincts oriented. For example at feeding time she won't move out of the way, it's like I'm not there, she is only focused on the food. It is with much hard promoting I can get her attention to move away from me. She was never like this before.
She vacillates between being high and spooky to hardly being able to move from one day to the next.
She easily injures herself, her back end as well as front legs. 

I can no longer afford the $400 for labs, so have no idea how her ACTH is doing. Her PU/PD was finally normal in January. 

Are we nearing the end? It looks like she really is in advanced stages of PPID if I had to guess.
My CH is current.
Bonnie with Racham from Southern California, Nov/2016

Case History
Racham's Photos 


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