Re: Daisee and Cabergoline


Daisee definitely has cold induced pain.  Our temps yesterday were in the 70's and she was moving well.  Today it's in the 30's and she is a different horse.  She is stiff and had difficulty walking.
The farrier came today to trim her feet, it was obvious she was uncomfortable.  The farrier says her feet have changed some since her last trim.  She is growing a good amount of heel and can't take her toes back as much as she'd like because of her thin soles.  She suspects some dropping has occurred.
I started her on Jiaogulan yesterday, so we'll see how that goes and what results we get,  I ordered the Arginine and will start it asap.
Her blood work came back today.  ACTH-20.3
                                                        Glucose- Vet forgot to request it.  He will call today and see if they can run this.
Tomorrow is Day 7 on the Cabergoline.  Should I give her another 1.2ml or wait until Monday (day 10)

Thank you!

Debbie and Driving Miss Daisee
Dec 11-2018

Richardson, TX


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