Prascend in the water bucket?


Hi all, 
I'm a new member.  Still working on completing the case history for my new equine partner, a 15 year-old QH Mare I affectionately refer to as my "Mid-Life Crisis".

I purchased Emmy in November, 2018, she was already on 1 mg of Prascend since July and had been dx'd with PPID.  (Yes I knew all about her condition before I purchased her. No I'm not insane.)

It's been a struggle to get her to take her Prascend like a good girl.  She's super smart, independent and confident.  She can smell Prascend a mile away no matter how I try to sneak it in.  Dissolving, syringing, hiding in treats, mixing in food, etc, she might ingest it once, but never again.  Even turning her nose up at her food completely if she suspects it's in there.  Same with syringing into her mouth, the only thing I accomplished was making her refuse all syringes in her mouth, including paste-wormer.  With each failed attempt her mistrust of me grew, which strained our relationship.

Finally, I dissolved the pill in her water bucket in about 2 gallons of water. She usually gets it down in a couple hours without even noticing.  The vet doesn't like that idea and thinks the medication loses its potency and she's not getting the full strength.  And yet with all the things we have to do to get Prascend into our horses, I'd be surprised if anyone is getting the full potency of the drug into their animal,   Emmy's begun shedding, which has not happened in a couple years according to her previous owner, so she must be getting some benefit.

Two questions.  Has anyone tried dissolving the tablets in the water bucket and what are your thoughts about it?  Has anyone tried the Medi-Melt pergolide tablets from  I'd hate to invest in yet another method and find it rejected like the dozens of others.

Thanks for your help.


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