Re: Isoxuprine

Barbara P. <MorganPinesFarm@...>

My gelding foundered 2 years ago. After he was to the point where
was off bute and I could start exercising him again we found that he
was short strided-didn't want to push from behind. My vet figured it
was because he had been putting so much weight on his hind end. I had
an equine massage therapist give him a good going over and she found
all his rear end muscles very tight. Within 24 hours he was trotting
like his old self. He now gets a massage every month.
If there is someone in your area who is certified, it would be
a try. Just be careful of people who say they took a 1 week course
know all they need to know. The gal I use went to school for almost 2
years-studying human massage first- which actually gives her a better
insight with the horses.

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