Re: Micky sheared heels

Kath Chase

Oh no our date and time here in aus is Thursday 21  feb it’s 12.17 lunchtime here, understand if you can’t get the marks ups  done in time Lavinia , Farrier no. 7 said tomorrow unsure what time I’ll get a text tonight with time,  I didn’t read Nancys message properly it’s been so long since I’ve been on ECIR i haven’t heard of sabbatical assuming it’s a new project your working on and very busy, so sorry I appreciate you just getting back to me you must be crazy busy. 

Micky has pulses going today in three feet, to be expected after the boots came off yesterday damn damn damn, probably more damage and bruising I think it would have been approx 15 - 20 mins I was inside,  and he was moving on quite hard ground. Sand and peagravel was compacted where he was, the Velcro isn’t great on boots  he’s pulled him off both fronts . The duct tape is a necessity to keep them on.  Thanks again 
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