Frankincense and Myrrh for neuropathic pain

Maria Duran

Hi all,

I have stumbled upon this product and I would like to know if it might be effective for neuropathic pain in chronic laminitis and if it could be a good alternative to capsaicin or not. It contains several herbs and oils. It is especified in the label (second picture in the link).

What calls my attention is that it says frankincense and myrrh, but later in the label the active ingredients are other plants and frankincense and myrrh are labeled as inactive and seems they are just carrier oils for soothing along with several other oils. 

There is a caution for diabetic neuropathic pain but I don´t know if what they are saying is just to stop the product and visit a doctor just in case you have not been diagnosed, not that you can´t use it for diabetic neuropathic pain, It is a bit confusing.

Any experience with this product for neuropathic pain?

María Durán Navarro
Dec 2017
Madrid (Spain) 

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