Re: Target's trim

Cindy Q

Hi Kathie

Does your trimmer do a lot of rasping from the top (pulling the foot into a forward position and rasping the dorsal wall at the toe) rather than doing a bevel from the bottom, ie picking up the foot like you would when you are going to pick it out, so the frog faces you and rasping around the toe at 45 degrees? It looks like the former and I'm no expert, but I personally would not want that being done anymore if it was my horse and based on your last xrays 1 February and your recent trim pictures. Subject to whatever Dr Kellon, and the experienced trimmers/mods say of course.

If you look back at Dr Kellon's comments on your xrays, she said to bring the bevel back at sole level. I don't see much of a bevel at the sole/ground level in your pictures but I the dorsal wall has been thinned quite a bit higher up the hoof on areas that are above the ground level.

Cindy - Sep 2017, Singapore

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