Re: Diagnostic testing for EMS, EC, and hypothyroidism

Kirsten Rasmussen

Thank you Dawn and Eleanor.  I would be worried about the sugar syrup triggering another spring-time episode of acute laminitis (his first one was in the spring in a dry lot on hay only!)...although I am managing him far better now then when he had his last attack, he still has tender feet and fat pads, and his hay is not ideal.  The risk is definitely there. 

No offense to any veterinarians here but I also learned last fall that part of caring for Shaku is protecting him from things that a well-meaning veterinarian will do that may cause Shaku harm...after watching it take weeks for a large 1" diametre wound to stop bleeding and scab over, all for the sake of removing a mm-size cyst, I promised him I would be more discerning about what I will allow.

I have emailed my veterinarian to ask if she will consider NOT administering the oral sugar test because of the possibility of triggering acute laminitis, and again provided her the link to the ECIR Diagnosis web page.  Fingers crossed....

Thank you all again...I look forward to posting Shaku's results this spring!! :)

Kirsten Rasmussen
Kitimat, BC, Canada
January 2019

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