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My horse's leptin was about 42.5 when tested over the summer... seeing the normal range is 10-20, that's just alarmingly high. He tested negative for PPID, and "mildly IR" per my vet. I made some changes to his feed, found IR/PPID safe grass hay, and added a heaping teaspoon of ALCAR, as I read that it can help with leptin resistance.  He's much less ravenous now and I've seen him dozing when there's still hay available, even though he's only getting a max of 2% ideal weight, in slow nets. He has also lost 200-300 lbs (you can see the changes in his photo album) ... so ALCAR seems to be helping, though I'm told the best way to lower leptin is to get the extra weight off.

That said, I'm currently waiting on blood test results, I'm *really* hoping his leptin is down somewhere near normal... and that his other numbers fall as much as his weight has :)

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