loose stool and mild diarrhea

vicky monen

Hi there,
My IR/Cushings guy tends to have loose stool and mild diarrhea often.  His manure is somewhat formed but there is watery liquid to follow, which runs down his legs and butt cheeks.  He is already on  the probiotic Forco daily in his food. I do give him ulcergard if its really bad, but I don't know  if that actually helps with this issue.  He seems to have a sensitive GI system and gets this issue very often.  I wanted to know if a prebiotic would be beneficial for this? I read Ration Plus is suggested here and I also wanted to know if ABC Pro Bi was an option?  He also gets diarrhea if we travel anywhere, which is more stress related and I always give him the ulcergard when we are dealing with stress (travel, vaccines, wormer, drastic changes in temps, etc) 

Currently no major changes in his food or hay.   He is on 3/4 pill of prascend daily.  Balanced diet. Kept in dry lot with hay nets and measured hay allotment daily.

Thank you!

Vicky Monen and Samson

Aug 2015, Alpharetta Ga.



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