Thyro L


What do you all think of Thyro L? Do you think it works? If I call my vet, I know she's going to tell me to put my mare on it and drop her feed ration down to 12 lbs. I live in cody, wy. I'm new to the group, and trying to go through the steps properly. I hope that I do. My mare is 1250lbs. I know that's too much. I had her on uckele equi base, Gut, absorball, glycocemic eq powder, and coco soya, but she decided that she didn't like the glycocemic eq powder, so she just quit eating it. So, I struggled and struggled with it, but finally gave up on that, and just got the equi base in her. She was out on pasture full time too cause it had been cut in fall and was completely yellow. So, she was off of glyco eq for about two weeks and then came in sore a week and two days ago. I dry lotted her then along with her 29 yr mentor, (who needs to be eating all the time). She didn't seem too bad then, but the past four days, she has seemed worse. I finally got her to eat the glycocemic eq pellets (started this last Thursday night). Before that, I was trying to fill in with animed remission. It just seems like I can't get her any better, right now. I'm trying to learn natural hoof care, so when it first happened, I filed more on her "mustang roll" to try to take leverage off her walls...I just don't know what else to do right now, and I know if I call the vet she's going to have me put her on Thyro L, give her banamine, and tell me to drop her down to 10-12 lbs. it's been since the fall before this last fall that she had an episode. She's been getting the above minerals in about 1/2 to (max) 3/4 lb (split into two feedings) soaked Timothy hay pellets. She also gets third cutting Timothy grass hay at 20 lbs. no grass at all for last week and two days. And she also gets uckele liquid e. I have a hard time getting her to eat the glycocemic eq pellets without the coco soya. Do any of you have any suggestions? Do you think that I should go ahead with the Thyro L? 

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