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Hi, Cynthia - don't ever feel bad about asking questions!  This is a steep learning curve, both in IR management, and learning to get the most out of the site (and finding the time to do it!)

Finding information on


One way is to go to the Wiki page (bottom of menu on left-hand side of any page on the site) If you are on a phone, you may have to click on the little bars that gives you “more”. Scroll down to Getting Around the ECIR. The third file down is the File Folder Map (thank you, LeeAnne, a zillion times for this!) It will take you to a page that looks like this: 

Scroll down to the Pulling it Together folder, and, voilà! There is a file on Grazing Muzzles:


Another way is to go to the Files page (again, left-hand side of page, second from bottom)  Somewhere near the upper right of that page will be a search box. Type in what you are searching for in the search box (“grazing muzzles”) and it will take you to some of the files containing that phrase:   

Then, to find other peoples’ posts on a subject, go to the Messages page:  Click on Search (upper left area this time, just to keep us on our toes), and type in the phrase you are looking for.  This is especially useful for things that aren’t specifically in the files (like Heiro).

It gets better!  If you want to search a particular person’s posts on a subject, for instance, Dr. Kellon’s posts on Heiro, then go to the messages page and click on any post by Dr. Kellon.  Below one of those posts, you will see a blue More button. Click on that, and click on All Posts by This Member. That will take you to a page with all of the posts, and a search button near the top left for Poster id 12345 (or whatever). Type in your search phrase,  hit enter, and it will take you to all of that person’s posts containing the search phrase.  

Now, regarding Heiro: it is very cleverly marketed snake oil. It contains nothing useful, and the claims that one can put one’s horse out on pasture while using it are false and extremely harmful.

Here’s the search page for Heiro:  and you may find these two posts helpful:,,,20,0,0,0::Created,,heiro,20,2,0,27860091  

In fact, thank you for this - I believe it is time to put something about Heiro in the files.  :)
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