Re: Andalusian gelding


You can use either of these two excellent jiaogulan powders: the Uckele:  or the powder from My Best Horse:   

I don't have a good answer for you about the riding - it all depends on how bad the initial laminitis flare was. In my opinion, (and this is ONLY my opinion), if he is not at all sore, then exercising by riding in boots should be okay - no tight circles, no jumping.  Others may want to chime in here with more information.  It can be a real balancing act between exercise in order to reduce insulin, and exercise too soon after laminitis, which can continue to cause issues.  The rule-of-thumb for a horse that has had a frank bout of laminitis (reluctant to move, bounding pulses, etc) is not to ride for 6 to 12 months after the pain has stopped (1/2 to a full hoof growth cycle), but they can certainly be hand-walked (no lunging), driven, or ponied from another horse after about 4 months. Your horse doesn't quite fit into that category.

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