Re: Low positive ACTH


Hi, Sherry - that's a bit of a tough one.  This time of year, the ACTH should be well within normal; however, the exercise may have had a confounding effect - but how much of an effect, I couldn't say. Added to this is that ACTH will increase as horses age. Gah!

If Scutch were mine, I would hold off on the pergolide for now (but clear this with your vet), then re-test in August, unless you see anything else that gives you an increased index of suspicion.  Alternatively, you could do a TRH stim test, which would give you some pretty clear indication.  If you do decide to start on the pergolide, then start at 0.25 mg, and increase to 0.5 mg after 4 days. Consider using APF during the weaning on period to further prevent the pergolide veil.
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