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Hi, Cindy - Primary hypothyroidism in horses is *extremely* rare.  "Euthyroid sick syndrome", a term for a thyroid gland that can function normally, but due to illness or other factors is fairly common:  Euthyroid sick syndrome is a condition in which serum levels of thyroid hormones are low in clinically euthyroid patients with nonthyroidal systemic illness. Diagnosis is based on excluding hypothyroidism. Treatment is directed toward the underlying illness; thyroid hormone replacement is not indicated.  (from Merck  )

Much more commonly in our horses is just a low total T4, due to dietary, IR, or PPID issues:   Horses on medications such as bute or Trimethoprim sulfa, with chronic illness such as Cushing's disease, or in racing shape may have falsely decreased total T4. (from the Cornell test interpretations for equine thyroid panels  )

So, you can check thyroid levels to get a baseline, then repeat once diet etc is more under control.  Get the Equine Thyroid panel if concerned: often one finds low total T4, but normal free T4 (which is available to be converted to active T3), and normal T3.

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Did I already send this? I can't tell if it got sent or I forgot to press the send button....plz forgive me if I did already send it.  Thks!

 Thank you for your information and help. I couldn't get the case studies blanks to accept my typing for some reason yesterday, but I will keep working on it cause I really need some help. She seemed better yesterday afternoon (it warmed up). But this a.m. Was worse. It was around 4 degrees here and snowing. I have some questions that maybe can be answered while I'm working on the case studies: 

1. I did have her on cocosoya, but quit that because I was reading about soy on here yesterday. I am going to try to get some flax today, but can only find the "simply flax" by mana pro at tractor supply. Do you think that is all right to give her instead of the cocosoy?  How can you tell if flax goes bad? 

2. Is there anything that I can give her for the pain? She's walking. In the afternoons it's better. She's really not laying down more than normal, I think. But in the mornings it's like she doesn't even want to walk. She will, but it's like she doesn't even want to. 

3. I'm putting her minerals in soaked stand lee Timothy hay pellets. Should I use a different carrier? I use about 1/2 cup Timothy hay pellets a.m. And p.m. She doesn't seem to like anything that I've tried to give her that has the first ingredient as beet pulp.....

4. I have some uckele omega hoof. Should I give her some of that? 

5. Here's what I'm currently giving her: I split it into two feeding a.m. And p.m.:   4oz uckele equi base GRB, 2scoops uckele glycocemic eq, 1/2 tsp uckele liquid e.  I started this last night. I usually put 1/2 tsp Mediterranean Sea salt in it, but she was being a little picky with that , so I stopped that cause I wanted to make sure she got her minerals. I can give her a tiny extra Timothy hay pellets with just plain salt, and she eats that. 

I just oust feel like she should be way better by now, and am wondering if I'm giving or not giving her something that's making it worse instead of better.  Sorry my ipad is old and it won't let me go back to make corrections.

has anyone else just sent hay that they pull out of bales for analysis without using hay probe. 

Oh yeah. And she's never been tested. I just made the assumption that it was IR.....  I'll check into that. 

Oh. And I did have our grass tested before all this. And it has shown up as high in esc and starch in January: 15.  It was all completely yellow and short, but I've learned...... (Sigh)

but it is also high in calcium. To magnesium: 2:.5 and I'm sure our water is too cause we get lots of white powdery stuff around our faucets. 

A lot of people have had thyroid issues in this area. Some have had to have their thyroid removed. 

The vet had me put her on Thyro L the last time this happened, but we didn't monitor anything, and she told me I could just take her off of it, but I didn't listen to that, I just kind of tried to half it and then half it. But I'm sure that it wasn't the right way.....    

I know now all this should be in the case studies. I'm going to try to grt that done today. Thank you for your patience....

Thank you for your help I really appreciate

Northwest corner of wyoming
Christi Lynne

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