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Dawn, I can definitely identify with your situation. I had the same problems. I was also facing a deteriorating relationship with Alley as she became more convinced that I was trying to poison her with evil tasting potions in her feed or syringes! I ended up going with small amounts of less safe carrier (4 ounces alfalfa pellets, 4 ounces of Triple Crown 30%) and cutting back on (and changing the form of) the zinc and copper (which are the minerals that she dislikes) to a less than ideal but better-than-it-was ratio with iron. So far, I have been OK getting Alley to eat her one Prascend tablet in a small handful of TC 30% pellets. I am new to this too - since September 2108 - so don't take my approach as the best one or one I would advise for others! I just wanted to let you know you are not alone! In my case I had to take stock of my own situation and come up with a sustainable solution for me and Alley. So far, it seems to be working for us, but time will tell if I have to come up with another plan.
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