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On Tue, Mar 5, 2019 at 02:34 PM, Annette wrote:
the big problem with pergolide is the fact that it makes an all ready picky mare even fussier!
Annette, I understand you could be right, but I'm still going to question your conclusion of causation between pergolide and pickiness (in the nicest and most respectful way possible). Would you consider the possibility that your friend Alley is even pickier because the conditions you're treating, abscessing, uncontrolled PPID and high insulin, have progressed and/or aren't fully resolved? Could her feet just hurt? I leave that to you, your vet and the moderators here to sort. Each equine responds to drugs and pain as an individual. IME an easy-going horse with an abscess, even with only the occasional step off, can be fussy to the max, ranging from "Don't touch my food" to "Don't touch me will you're at it." 

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