2nd bout of Laminitis / founder


3 years ago my 8 yr old Rocky Mountain gelding foundered in Dec.  I had never seen laminitis or founder before & missed all the signs.  I followed your protocol and rehabbed him back to a sound riding horse for the past 2 years.  Then this December he came up lame.  It was inconclusive to farrier & vets.  I followed their advice and poulticed to no avail and no abscess.  I pulled his shoes, got him in boots & got x-rays done by a specialist vet who cared for him 3 years ago.  He had foundered again with 7 degrees rotation on Left front & 4 degrees on the right front.  I’m stymied by how this could have happened again as I have not relaxed his diet or routine.  I could use your help.  Thanks

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