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Cheryl Oickle

I was just reviewing the diet recommendations for IR and Cushings horses.  I seem to have missed the "Vitamin E" piece of it.  I am giving salt and flax and vitamins/minerals and the addition of the pergolide in October has definitely made a difference. Initially Jewel had a fair amount of weight loss in Sept and October and I was feeding 15# of lo sugar hay a day.  I had to eventually increase her to 18# a day and she was slow to gain but has levelled off at a satisfactory weight. I use a heart measure for trending and although it is not exact it gives a fairly reliable target. She is now at 17# a day and I can still feel ribs through her very heavy winter coat. As this last year was a surprise with her issues and scramble to find the appropriate hay and get her diet implemented, her exact mineral balancing will have to wait until this years hay supply from one constant source is available.  This year has been a mixture of suppliers of lo sugar and starch hay but all  less than 10%. Is adding the vitamin E necessary at this point? If so how much and can I use OTC human Vit E
Your site has been my bible!  Thank you 
Cheryl and Jewel
Oct 2018

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