Spring vaccinations

valerie puryear

I have read the files  re:vaccines. Matera and I trail ride with others in local and state parks. We only day ride,not camp. It is time for Spring vaccines and I have some concerns about combo vaccines and administering multiple vaccines at once. Matera is fairly well managed on 1mg Prascend a day,controlled diet, and tested low sugar/starch hay. Her last labs showed Insulin 40.4uL/ml and Acth 40.5 pg/ml. She is due for EEE/WEE/Tetanus/Flu/Rhino vaccines.No problems with laminitis since a very mild case last August. I also have a new horse coming in 10-14 days who will need all his vaccines. Is it safe to give her one 5-way vaccine to cover her now? Or do I need to split her vaccines into a three way, then a tetanus? She also probably needs West Nile vaccination.
Valerie and Matera
Aug 2018
Athens, GA, USA
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