Weight loss.and struggling

Cheryl Oickle

Hi my mare has always been a very easy keeper. Since her laminitis in June 2018 and again in October and diagnosis of IR and probable Cushings i am struggling to maintain her weight.she has been on the low sugar hay initially 15# a day..she lost weight and obviously i did underfeed. Diet for weight loss was never an issue.  Her taped body weight is 800# and is at 18 to 19 lb of hay a day at present on top of flax vitamins beet pulp 1/2 c dry to soaked and salt .vitamin e.  At this rate it took 3 months to plateau to her healthy weight. Now that she is being walked and her exercise is increased..is it prudent to increase hay again? Is this usual for these types of horses. She is on pergolide 1mg daily. 
Cheryl and Jewel
Oct 2018



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